Addaction on Civilians

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    With the Alive mod activated, I am unable on 'addaction' on civilians or other units - is this a known issue?

    Edit - Corrected the Mod name cause I'm a fool.

  2. Although the ALiVE devs don't discourage the use of outside mods, they don't generally directly support mods, especially ones as complex as Exile.

    Your best bet is to ask the Exile team for ALiVE support.

  3. Heroes I'm really sorry! I don't know why I put Exile, I have never used it led alone implemented it!

    I meant 'Alive' not Exile (Extremely Embarassed)

    Thanks for the speedy response!

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    lol that's funny. What do you mean addaction? The vanilla way of interacting with civs in ALiVE is to use your mousewheel options.

    Some mods such as Spyder Addons adds a civilian interaction module, which uses an addaction to interact with civs, but I think the regular ALiVE way is through mousewheel (talk to so and so, gather intel, etc).

    Can you clarify a bit about the exact issue?

    Interacting with civs in ALiVE is really only useful if one of the commanders is set to Assymetric mode. Then make sure you have civ placement and civ population placed. I like to give them a region of origin (eastern or western).

    I have a feature request open to use an addaction, but although it's being discussed it is not implemented yet.

  5. From a mission making perspective, as oppose to using triggers in 3DEN, I use sqf's and addactions.

    I.E If I place a civilian I will give him an addaction to run an sqf, it appears that the 'addaction' command is overwritten by the 'Search' & 'Detain' options.

    To this date I actually haven't been able to gather intel etc, although I have 'talked' to one civilian, how does the talking & intel function as I have not seen it in action yet?

  6. Scripting your own functions is out of my league, but I can explain the Intel gathering portion.

    Basically, with both the civ modules I mentioned placed, and an Assymetric Commander, the mousewheel option to "gather Intel" will appear at the very bottom of the mouse wheel option list.

    Basically, you have to scroll down to see it most of the time. It's usually always last in the list.

    Only a small portion of civs will have this option available.

    After you click on it, on the in-game map, you'll see a variety of things. CIV/MIL markers representing places fighters could possibly spawn, roadblocks, insurgent HQ's that need blowing up, etc.

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    How are you adding the action, via editor init box?

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    Hi Spyder,

    I'm trying via the Civ init Box & Via script. Is there a prevention of adding in Civs init?

    EDIT: On the back of this Spyder using Objects with the same addaction is functioning via script & init. So it seems just Units, I.e Civ's, IND forces etc.

    Let me know if you have any further thoughts.

  9. Cannot think of anything restricting this functionality. If you could provide a CBA ALiVE only repro mission i could try to take a look, thanks.


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