Custom Objective's not making HQ's?

  1. 9 months ago


    So from my knowledge the custom placed objectives are not creating HQ's despite setting the parameter. Field HQ objects are not being placed down, and from what I can tell, the AI does not use the objectives for logistics (which although I turned the debug on for the military commander and logistics, I got nothing debug related on the screen - perhaps another bug?)

  2. Friznit

    16 Jun 2017 Administrator

    To clarify, do you mean you are trying to force the location of a Logistics HQ by placing a Mil Placement (Custom) with a high priority value near to the Mil Placement (Military Objectives) module?

    With debug on you should see a couple of flag icons on the map where the HQs are placed (main HQ and Log HQ). This is working fine for me in testing.

  3. Exactly - for me it does not place an object for the HQ, nor do I see an reinforcements being replaced at the location.

    What exactly are your debug settings? For me, nothing appears when I turn my debugs on for the logistics/commander. Maybe it is because i'm using the workshop version of ALIVE?

  4. Friznit

    16 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Turn debug on in Mil Placement module. You should see a couple of green flag markers near where the module is placed. These are the HQ and Log HQ locations. If you place a custom objective and set it to say, 999 prio, the log HQ flag should move to that location.

    I'm using Workshop version of ALiVE on Tanoa.

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    So that works on Altis, but on my custom Neaville & Omaha indexes, nothing appears from the debugger (and from this I assume that the logistics do not properly function as the faction runs out of reinforcements and does not properly reinforce themselves).

  6. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by Burdy323

    Just going to bump this as I've been screwing around with this issue - it appears for non-vanilla factions, ALIVE does not make custom objective HQ's

    Ignore that : Just confirmed that it appears the HQ setting does not work regardless of any setting with custom objectives. Check this out : - note that when the objective size is set for 500x500 it will not pickup the custom objective as a logistics point nor drop anything as an HQ. change the size to anything over 2000x2000 and the module will pick up a logistics point


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