Arma 3 ALiVE Doesn't load past splashscreen.

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    I am new to ALiVE and I have a problem with it. When I enable ALiVE and CBA_A3 in the launcher and I start Arma 3, it does not load past the APEX splashscreen. I have disabled all other mods and tried reinstalling ALiVE twice with exactly the same outcome... When I try to Alt+Tab out and exit arma it does not let me so I have to end it in task manager... I have no clue what is going wrong or what I may be doing wrong but any help would really be helpful.
    I have tried with both the Steam Workshop ALiVE and the ALiVE from the website with the same outcome.


  2. This is odd. I can't recall ever seeing a report like this.

    Make sure your game is up to date. And verify the integrity of your game files (right click on Arma in Steam, go to properties). And that ALiVE and CBA are up to date as well.

    For now, please use the default A3 launcher that comes with Steam, and not any third party ones.

  3. I have just verified the integrity of my Arma 3 and all is okay. I have tried to repair and update both ALiVE and CBA_A3 from the workshop and both are up-to-date. I have also tried with the ALiVE Download from the website with no avail. Just had a friend try and all works for him. I thought it may be that I have launch parameters on the A3 Launcher so I removed them all and it still crashes on the splashscreen. However, it does not show the ARMA APEX splashscreen anymore it shows a black screen. I have an FPS counter and it goes from normal to 10 to about 3 when all this is happening.

  4. What happens when you launch just CBA? I'd love to see your parameters too but realistically I can't think of any that would cause the game to not load.

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    Shows how desperate I am ;) When I launch arma with only CBA_A3 it launches fine, no problems. CBA version and Arma version 1.72

  6. I'm thinking a rpt file might be useful here. Can you launch ALiVE and CBA only? Then go to your users\appdata\local\low\arma 3 folder and post the rpt file after letting the game try to load for a bit.

    So let it not get past the load screen, exit the game, find the rpt and host on a site like dropbox and put the link here.

    Appdata is hidden by default in Windows. If you don't see it, google how to show hidden folders.


    So..... I managed to get onto the main menu... After waiting for it to load for about 10-15 minutes...

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    I just opened the file. At the top, just curious, are you running two instances of ALiVE at the same time? Anyway, just started reading it. I can't be of much help reading rpt files, but I'll see if anything else jumps out.

  9. I shouldn't be running two versions of ALiVE... I only have the steam one enabled in the launcher.

  10. @marceldev89 ?

  11. Just tried loading it with mods and it took from 17:54 to 18:11 and then crashed before reaching the main menu... Heres the report for that.

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    Adding additional mods into the mix isn't going to help figure this issue out. Although I'd personally be tempted to move everything out of the E drive and reinstall the game and mods in the default Steam location, let's wait for a dev reply. I could easily be overlooking something obvious in the CBA ALiVE only rpt.

    Just hang on tight and someone more knowledgeable on this stuff will be around I'm sure.

  13. Wilco. I'll just leave ALiVE alone for now and play as I was before :) Thanks for the help :)

  14. Both RPTs seem to show that it's trying to load @CBA_A3 and @ALiVE twice. Beyond that I don't see anything weird in the RPTs besides some weird characters being written during ACE loading.

  15. For the heck of it, can you disable Battleye and see if that helps?

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    Heres the report for a non-battleye launch. I can confirm that after it has loaded into the main menu, where it shows active addons, there is 2 of both CBA_A3 and ALiVE. The main menu does have very low FPS however; around 4fps.

    In task manager, during start up of arma 3, it is using in excess of 15gb of memory...

    EDIT: When I remove the command line to load these mods in the parameters, one version of each is loaded which fixes the duplicate problem... -_- BUT now I have really low FPS when in game - around 4FPS.

  17. How are you launching the game? The default launcher? Make sure you are only loading the workshop versions of the mod and remove any command line references to @alive or @cba_a3.

  18. I'm using the default launcher and Steam workshop mods for both CBA and ALiVE. There are no launch parameters referencing CBA or ALiVE.

  19. Can you do me a favor? Can you go to imgur, and post screenshots of your Arma 3 folder (just the mods section is fine), your !Workshop folder and the mods loaded in your launcher?


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