Prei Khmaoch Luong index

  1. 9 months ago

    Here is the index for testing. To use, place the X folder in your mission root folder and ALiVE will do the rest.

    I'd recommend mission makers place their own ambient helicopters and helipads, as well as disabling ambient vehicle spawns for civilians and military due to how close a lot of the objects are placed.

    Assuming there are no major issues, this will be merged in a future ALiVE release.

  2. Nice work Heroes

  3. Edited 9 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    @marceldev89 if you have any free time I think this should be ready to roll.

  4. Friznit already did it. :)

    Thanks though, nice work as usual! :)

  5. Edited 9 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    It's weird how I can suddenly index again. I thought I was gonna have to take DeWrp out back and off my Xmas card list :)

  6. lol :D


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