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    Was wondering if the method of overwriting/amending the staticdata.sqf file has changed, or is no longer possible? Tried this to give RHS russians armor as I had done in the past and it absolutely refuses to work. Used it before to get armor in the MSV faction after they stopped getting the merged treatment natively in Alive without a hitch. Not sure how many versions ago this was though. Thanks for any pointers!

    I was using this in the init.sqf, same as in the past

    if(isServer) then {
     	waitUntil {!isNil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED"};
    	call compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "script\staticData.sqf");

    *I know I could do an orbat editor clone, but last I tried it there was no way to set transports (helos/trucks) and supply crates. :(

  2. What's wrong with MSV now? This was just touched up in a recent ALiVE update. Have you tried them recently?

  3. You should post your staticdata file too just incase a mistake is in there.

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    Yep, tried MSV without, they "work", but only for infantry, motorized and mechanized. They have no armor, where TV has armor but nothing else. In the past Alive's staticdata also had tank groups added to MSV. I had gone the staticdata route before that happened, and then kept it as I added some airgroups as well. Not sure when they lost the tanks, as I'd kept using my file.

    I'll post my staticdata when I get the chance. The latest I tried was a straight copy/paste from the latest customfaction.hpp on the latest github release, then added armored groups in the appropriate section for MSV.


  5. RHS's groupings has no tanks, so neither does our mapping. Any mixed groupings will need to be custom made. You can do this pretty easily but creating a new faction in the ORBAT Creator and just moving the existing groups to this new faction.

  6. Thanks for the replies guys, really do appreciate how helpful this place is. :)

    ORBAT was plan B, is there a way to define transport assets going that route? I've only spent a limited time with it a while back and don't recall there being a way at that time.

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    Transport assets (as used by logistics) cannot be defined via config unfortunately (as far as I can remember). It must be done via script.

    File for reference:


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