Extend Multispawn distance?

  1. last year

    Is there a way, with the multispawn module that if Air-reinsert is selected you can extend the distance away that the vehicle spawns & despawns?

    The module itself is wicked, especially for immersive campaigns, but it's always awkward when after dropping off players, the heli (or whatever is synced for that mission) lifts off, flies about 300m and then disappears completely.

  2. After inserting you it gets a waypoint back to it's starting position and if it's less than 100 meters away from there the transport will be deleted. Sounds reasonable to me. Perhaps you can move the starting position further away from where you want to be inserted?

  3. So the starting position is based on the object I have synced to it? I'll try that out tonight as that makes sense.

  4. Friznit

    13 Jul 2017 Administrator

    That's correct. Place the object where you want it to start and finish.


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