Plane dropping bomb before takeOFF

  1. 11 months ago

    Ive been testing the Air Commander and have a further issue.
    I set a BLUFOR plane circling within the airspace ( no other BLUFOR on the map) and then watched at the airport to observe how air assets were tasked as I had kept getting reports that OPFOR aircraft were being lost almost as soon as tasked.
    What I observed was that the Pilot would enter the Shikra on the taxiway and the plane begin to move. At that point it seemed to release one of its bombs and blow itself up for some reason. This left a wreck right in the middle of the taxiway blocking any further taxiing and any plane spawned there would also blow up. This behaviour repeated each time.

  2. Friznit

    12 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Are you running any AI mods?

  3. Tupolov

    12 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Can you provide the mission SQM?

  4. No AI mods running.
    How do I supply the mission SQM?

  5. You should be able to find the .sqm here:

    C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\missions\<mission name>\mission.sqm

    Make sure it's unbinarized - setting can be found per scenario (in General attributes) or in editor preferences

  6. highhead

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator

    i have seen AI getting crazy on lasermarkers - make sure they are disabled on takeoff or another friendly jet or Chopper will bomb you!

  7. highhead

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator

    oh - sry! AI did that by its own? can you try that without ALiVE (place some flying AI and some planes on ground) since im afraid its an A3 issue with laser targets!


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