1. 9 months ago

    Need help setting up the WarRoom and the persistence for a server i'm maintaining

  2. http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/War_Room

    Have you registered on the WR site?


    Once you are registered there are server setup instructions you can follow.

  3. i registered and followed the setup
    the problem i'm having is getting it to work on the Third party server
    i have @ALiVEserver downloaded and the ALiVE.cfg aswell
    i'm just more or less confused on how to get it to function on a server hosted by a Third party
    aka Gaming Deluxe

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    You may need to contact them and get the server's external IP.

  5. isn't the external Ip not the one you use to connect to the server in-game????

  6. Yes the external IP should be the one you connect to the server with. If they use Windows servers they might need to 'unblock' the alive.cfg file as Windows Server 2008 or greater will try and protect you by blocking access to it. Try opening a support ticket with the provider and explain what you are trying to do. Copy/paste the WR setup instructions into the support ticket for their information.

  7. IPs work a bit odd with these gameserver providers. Typically the machine has 2 IPs, 1 that lets players connect to the server and another that's used for outbound traffic. The "real" IP that the War Room sees should be reported somewhere in the server RPT (search for the string YOUR SERVER EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS AS SEEN BY WAR ROOM).

  8. Ok i got the files onto the server
    but does the Alive.cfg have to be Client side or server side???
    this is actually my first time setting something like this up so it's Confusing
    (i mean an ALiVE server that is)

  9. alive.cfg needs to be on the server

  10. so where exactly on the server
    is it in configs or do i have to make a seperate folder

  11. alive.cfg should be placed in the same folder as where arma3server.exe is located.

  12. The proper instructions should be on war room if you go to: Profile -> Group details -> Server Setup Instructions.

  13. i'm doing this through a Third party hosting site so i have no clue where arma3server.exe would be located

  14. I'm assuming you're paying for this, correct? My experience is (I don't host but know people that do), this comes with the expectation their customer service reps will help you.

    Pass along the instructions and ask them to help you get this thing going. This is what you pay for.

  15. highhead

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator

    beautiful response and truly correct! let the Customer Support handle this!


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