Combat logistics dedi server issue

  1. 11 months ago

    Haven't climbed too far down the rabbit hole yet looking for specific cause, figured I'd check if there are any known issues in the mean time.

    Having issue where player called logistics helos are not landing to be unloaded/release slung load. They hover in place for a bit and then fly off after a while, as they would do had they landed.

    So far I've narrowed down to only happening on dedicated server, regardless of mods, but only in "real mission" conditions. If setting up a very simple single side w/ no opfor mission they will land on dedi server. If running full mission from editor, they also land normally. Running a real mission, even with placement modules to objective only to remove hostile fire from equation, they failed to land. Also of note, called UNITS will land and unload, it's only cargo loads that are afraid of the ground.

    Will test more variables, but thanks in advance for any tips or known issue knowledge. :)

  2. You're going to need to create a repro for this. Are you using any AI mods at all by chance?

  3. Make sure you test in an area completely clear of objects, etc... in your dedi vs editor tests was the placement in the exact same location?

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    Yep, tested clear, clearish and not so clear (ends of runways, closer to hangers, out in the field. Will try and get a repro this weekend. Modwise was first with mods but had it happen vanilla too once I started trying to find a cause. (RHS and VCOM, though through editor was working fine with all mods)

    Understand theres about a trillion potential variables, and some form of user induced issue is probably the top half of that list :) .

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    Make sure you have no enemies nearby (I think you ruled this out already) as the heli AI gets real stupid in combat mode.. also be sure to disable VCOM as there are known issues with running VCOM and CAS

    VCOM might not be affecting them but best to be safe


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