ALiVE with Editor placed Buildings

  1. 11 months ago

    So I am building a WW2 looking European town on the Iront Front Staszow map (which is supported by ALiVE). My question is: can I build this large town with hundreds of buildings and populate it using alive and a TAOR? I have about 20 buildings down so far but I have mostly only done the roads and sidewalks. I used the CQB module to populate the town with German Infantry. However they just walk through the empty streets. Is this due to there being minimal buildings, or will ALiVE not spawn the troops into buildings at all?

    To give you an idea regarding the town, here is an old town I built offhand. The new town is going to be much larger (and better looking). Most of the buildings in this screenshot are not enter-able. I am adding a lot more enter-able buildings to the new build.

  2. Tupolov

    10 Aug 2017 Administrator

    Are you using a custom military object module? You should be able to place that and populate troops that way. CQB relies on enterable buildings.

  3. I've done this before and can. Enterable buildings will be detected by ALiVE and populated. If it's an especially large town, etc. you may want to place small radius Custom Objectives on either end of it so that it's heavily populated as well.

  4. Yes I am using a custom objective! I will assume that this was caused due to a lack of many buildings in the town still. I asked here because it will be awhile before the town has buildings and I was very curious. Thanks for the answers!

    BTW AUTigerGrad, are you an AU football fan? Just curious.


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