Alive not working at all

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi there I`ve been trying to get this mod to work for 3 days currently but I dont know what I am doing wrong . the tabblet wont come up what it comes up is comander actions and only got personnel,Intel,tasks,operations,sendsitrep,sendpatrolrep and none of hem works 100% for me someone can help me please ?

  2. Do you have whatever you assigned as the required item in your inventory?

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    Yea all I need is the tabblet yes ?
    Even watched tutorials on youtube and started from strach on a new map but still won`t load or come up.

  4. It depends if you havent changed the required item its the Laser designator by default

  5. Still a designator mate this is kinda stressing me out im doing evrything they do in the video but still dont have their options/commands

  6. You'll need to provide us with more info to go on... You can bring up the tablet interface OK in game but some functions are not working? Or can you not see the tablet at all? As OD mentioned you can set the required item in the module (default is laser designator).

  7. These are the mods I am using
    this is a video of what is it doing (password for video is "Arma3livetestfail")

  8. ALiVE Required, ALiVE Data and ALiVE Player Options are not supposed to be synced to anything.

  9. Take a look at the ALiVE wiki if you can. It has pages for basic module usage (what to sync and what to not sync). My internet is awful here and I’m having trouble loading the full video.

  10. Done it ty so much guys found out that I just needed to remove the synced ty :)


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