Make AI use static artillery as in vcom

  1. last year

    So, when I play without Alive and have artillery units on the map with vCOM, the AI does a good job of calling arty on positions.

    However, other than player support with arty for alive, with the player calling in fire, the Artillery units i place seem unused. How can I get the AI to effectively call fire missions on the player and ither AI?

  2. Friznit

    4 Nov 2017 Administrator

    ALiVE doesn't change the low level AI. VCOM will use artillery just the same with ALiVE running as without. I've often had VCOM using my Combat Support mortars and other static weapons spawned by ALiVE.

  3. It was my understanding that static weapons like mortars etc arent spawned in or used by the virtual ai commander. Am i incorrect?

  4. Friznit

    4 Nov 2017 Administrator

    CQB module can spawn static weapons. You can set the probability in the module settings. Regular units depends on whether the faction has groups defined. If there is a mortar group for example, Placement modules will spawn them and VCOM will deploy and use them.

  5. Thanks Friznit, until now I'd left out mortars and things in ORBAT because I thought we werent supposed to use them. If I want a mortar group, is it best to group them in Artillery? Or support infantry?

  6. Edited last year by Nichols

    @thick1988 its entirely up to you as to which one you want to put them in; I personally put mortars into my support infantry section and put my big artillery options into the Artillery section.

    Also static weapons will be used by VCOM and ALiVE will use them in the CQB module if you put it in there as you want it.


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