Reasonable number to lower hostility?

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    Hey, I'm creating a script using triggers that will lower civilian hostility whenever a Medical truck is drove into town, adding an action to Unload the truck that will shoot off the script and lower the hostility. My only question is, what would be a reasonable rate to lower the hostility? How much actually makes a difference? What are the thresholds?

  2. UPDATE: It seems running the code: [getPos player, [side player], -20] call ALIVE_fnc_updateSectorHostility; doesn't do anything to the hostility? I've been debugging the Hostility using the Asymm OPCOM, and it seems when I run the code in a sector, nothing happens. The hostility eventually changes from -100 to 10 or 20 after the player stands in the area for long enough, but running the actual code seems to not change anything.

    I ran the code in the debug console, using the server execution (I tried all executions just in case, though) and no dice. Only thing that was changing the hostility was player presence. I also tried to exchange "player" for a variable name of a unit, which also did not work. :(

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    Okay, so the updateSectorHostility function DOES work, but what it reads and what the OPCOM debug reads are VERY different. OPCOM debug will read a obj has a hostility level of "-70" and the function return value for hostility reads "20". When updating the ["EAST"] hostility by 50, the "-70" will go to "-20", and the "20" will go to "70" but which one is the reliable hostility to go by? And since there is no way to debug conventional forces hostility other than the return value from the function (which the hostility may be something completely different, based on the Asymm OPCOM debug).

    Just tried to update the hostility for [side player] and ["WEST"] then speak to civilians to see if it made a difference, and it seems like it didn't. Though when asked the opinion of our forces, they did say "We will help if we can" but when asked anything else, they would react as if they hated us - i.e. "Have you seen any IEDs?" - "Maybe I should've planted one." :/

    Found another code from Spyder that measure the hostility level for a side either in the nearest cluster or the overall average for said side, but that seems to always return 60 for BLU (high), 30 for OPFOR (medium), and 0 for GUER (low) wherever I am. Debugging hostility has proven to be a hefty task xD

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    So I'm assuming everybody starts at -100 hostility, then according to whatever hostility settings you have set towards a side (low = 0, medium = 30, high = 60) will be added to the initial -100 starting point to give your average hostility. This would explain why a lot of the hostilities for the OPFOR are at -70, because they're set to "MEDIUM" hostility.

    This kind of brings a problem up with the updateSectorHostility function, because the function will go based off of the hostility setting you have, so if you add 50 hostility to a sector that reads -70 in the OPCOM debug, it will turn into a hostility of 80 (the medium setting of 30 + the 50 hostility you added) or sometimes 90.

    It seems like the hostility will drop down to the proper updated hostility after the player leaves the area (was at 90, I left, dropped down to -20).

    I believe while the player is in the area, it automatically sets the hostility to the hostility setting of the OPFOR, so in my case medium (30) plus 10 for player presence. Giving a default value of 40 when I enter Timurkalay.

  6. The range is -100 <-> 100, so a 30-40 point swing would be decent imo.


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