Civilian Placement Module on non-Indexed Maps

  1. 9 months ago

    I'm trying to setup an ALiVE mission that takes place on a map which is totally blank as far as structures. I know I'll have to sync units to the Virtual AI, etc. My question though is, is it possible to have civilian placement handled by the module? Can I use Custom Objectives somehow to spawn and handle civilian areas? Or will I have to sync all Civilians to the Virtual AI System Module? I just have 1 small town with a number of outlying farm settlements that I need to do this for.

  2. Only custom objectives will work.

  3. I know only custom objectives work for Military Objectives, but will placing a 'Military Objective (Custom)' module and setting the force faction to a civilian faction do the trick? Will it even spawn civilians?

  4. It will probably spawn civs. CQB will almost certainly and may be the better choice but none of them will work for civs for Asymmetric purposes and logic as far as I’m aware.

  5. They will be friendly as hell and gladly tell you where the baddies are if you interact with them using Spyders civ interaction module though!


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