Merging Whole lotta Altis and operation landlord.

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    Hi, I realise that merging missions is a hot topic ... and I'll probably die from suicide with two shots to the head from asking this..

    Thing is, I'm really new to scripting - I ADORE Whole lotta altis and the way most of it works - I've been trying to merge WLA and operation landlord to get a platform I can build from, in singleplayer it almost works - but when uploading to my dedicated server it falls over - has anyone managed such a thing? I realise variables need to be initialised at the beginning - do I need to merge those manually or is that done by the eden editor?

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice,

  2. WLA is I’d imagine incredibly script heavy. And out dated. Who knows if it could ever work again without a major overhaul, or if it was ever dedicated server compatible.

    Good on you for taking on an ambitious project, I just personally doubt ALiVE and WLA could ever be a good match. Why not just remove the ALiVE element and put your focuses on just fixing WLA as is?

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    Hmmm. I missed the part where you said in SP it almost works. Well that’s a surprise. Good for you. My best guess is some WLA scripts aren’t dedicated server compatible so you’ll probably have to figure out which ones and why.

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    The only thing I can think of is to use WLA as a template then follow the tutes to add alive and 'create' operation landlord ... it's on my todo list but so far with merging etc I've not had much luck. is my WLA server TBH, I would consider paying someone to set it up - but A .. I'd need to know how they did it and B: I'd want to to see some credentials that they are capable.

  6. Just curious, but why combine ALiVE with it? Doesn’t WLA spawn enemies and tasks and everything you could wish for on its own? What is the mission concept?

    Anyway, I wish you luck. When I first bought A3, WLA was one of my first special experiences. I personally doubt you’ll find support here for this though (and definitely not from me because I can’t code :) ). You may want to put something playable together as a showcase, then see if you can find some mission making/scripting partners over in the scripting and mission making area on BI forums or places like that.

    Though you should probably check if the original WLA author permits editing his code like this before doing so in a public channel.

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    from what I remember, after having his hissy fit with BIS, he didn't care what happened to his code... but for me it's not just WLA, but it's the addon too - Has nobody released anything for ALiVE that auto constructs bases and ups the auntie in regards to offence and defence? WLA was more polished and relevant to anything imho ALiVE has done and if that pisses people off - good - maybe you can make it better? WLA causes helo support to stall and logistics to get confused ... surely ALiVE can fix that?

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    ALiVE and WLA are not designed to offer the same kind of experience. It’s an unfair comparison. ALiVE is a modular mission making tool, who’s purpose is to offer flexibility to the mission maker. WLA is a mission.

    If you have any ALiVE specific requests or bugs to report, feel free to open tickets on the ALiVE Github.

  9. Well sh*t that turned dark quickly, as someone as you have said that does not code, you have suddenly become defensive. I fully appreciate both of your points, but as you say - ALiVE is modular - why can't WLA and ALiVE work together? Maybe we have duplicate or redundant functions - from my understanding, both should not interact with each other too badly, and I think it should be possible - but why would opening a ticket help? I want help with ALiVE not working with something that's completely independent, I pay my hosting partner, you can imagine what they would say if I asked directly.

    There is no doubt (having played both) that WLA does a few things better than ALiVE does... is anyone up for the challenge, how much could I honestly pay you to make some of WLA happen in ALiVE, if so - would I get a discount if it was released open source?

  10. I don't think anyone is being defensive here.. what he IS saying is that merging 2 code bases into one is not an easy task and if WLA is not supported anymore there may be bugs that cannot be fixed. I'm not saying it's impossible but based on time availability, etc it's something that won't get done by the ALiVE team.


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