AI refuse to obey orders

  1. last year

    The AI I added to my squad are refusing to obey orders, they will acknowledge the order, but 5-10sec after they will say negative and stay exactly where they spawn. I tried spawning the AI from Eden or from Zeus with the same result.

    I'm only using 3 mods, CBA, Alive and Enhance movement. This is also only happening in my alive missions.

    Anyone know what could cause this? I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong, since I'm pretty new to alive.


  2. I’ve seen this before but it’s not an ALiVE problem. If I was you, I find the best way to add AI to your group is to use Spyder Addons. That mod has a module for AI recruitment that you can sync to an object and recruit AI from.

    I’ve seen AI refuse orders for lots of stupid reasons. Sometimes they get stuck on an object, sometimes it happens inexplicably and you want to throw your PC out a window.

    Recruiting AI with Spyder Addons allows you to recruit them to your group on a one time basis. If a certain dude gets stuck, you can delete him from your group completely using the Personnel menu in the ALIVE menu and then recruit another one.

  3. Thanks! I checked out the spyder mod and while doing so I notice my problem was actually cause by a script to refuse grass around my main base area, not sure why it was causing problem but it appears to be fixed now.

  4. Spyder Addons are really really good. A neat addition that works with alive. On my mid east maps, I especially like the call to prayer that occurs! The Recruit and Vehicle Spawn options are very excellent also. Those alive vehicle drops can be tricky since the wind seems to wreak havoc on your airdrops if you do not guage for wind when ordering an airdrop!

  5. 11 months ago

    I've found that using Bon's recruitment script, like one guy will just get stuck. Funny thing is if you move them a little in Zeus all of a sudden they remember how to move.


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