RHS USArmy faction using medevac helicopters to insert ai combat troops

  1. last year

    Is there a way to change what helicopter rhs_faction_usarmy_d uses for logistics support, ie bringing in requested troops? I always get the Blackhawk medevac bringing in combat troops, and we all know that is wrong. I would much rather see the logistics troops being brought in by a normal Blackhawk or even a Chinook. Which brings me to another thing, I can order 2 groups of ai to join my group through logistics menu, but I get two Blackhawk medevacs that deliver them. Would like to see when you order more ai than can fit in one Blackhawk that you may get them in on one chinook or a number of blackhawks, just to mix things up.

  2. I included both MEV choppers. Why? I have no clue. So instead of this:

    [ALIVE_factionDefaultAirTransport, "rhs_faction_usarmy_wd", ["RHS_CH_47F","RHS_UH60M","RHS_UH60M_MEV","RHS_UH60M_MEV2"]] call ALIVE_fnc_hashSet;

    It will look like this:

    [ALIVE_factionDefaultAirTransport, "rhs_faction_usarmy_wd", ["RHS_CH_47F","RHS_UH60M"]] call ALIVE_fnc_hashSet;

    Yay or nay?

  3. That would probably work. I can't believe nobody brought up the fact that the RHS US factions were violating Geneva Convention by using medevac helicopters to supply combat troops!

  4. :( I made a mistake SORRY

    I honestly have no clue why I added those. Live and learn I guess.

  5. I will test later. Working on this index thing right now

  6. Don’t bother testing anything. We’re (we = Marcel :) ) going to make the changes directly in ALiVE and it’ll be included in the next ALiVE update (this is not a promise of anything just saying it’s an easy fix so chances are good).

  7. Deleted last year by cbff33
  8. @marceldev89 for the win!


  9. has this update been pushed?

  10. Fix is in master and will be in next release. Next release should be around Tanks DLC (early April) time but no promises.


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