Complete index of Tembelan Island

  1. 6 weeks ago

    Hope this works! My indexing baptism by fire.

  2. Thank you. I’ll take a quick peek at the files to make sure all the arrays are closed properly and run a test mission. Assuming all goes well I can submit it for release. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. My AI commander has spawned aircraft at the main military airport with no exploding aircraft!

  4. It’s an Arma miracle :)

  5. 4 weeks ago

    Ben just released v1.2 of this map, and said there would not be anything else to be modified, and to reindex. I reindexed the map update he just released, everything seems to process just fine like before, but the civ and mil cluster sqf files are not processing anything at all. DeWrp works as should, it gives me an opportunity to index the building, and that sqf is generated just fine, but the new index is not working. Here is his changelog for v1.2
    Added Airfield Config to Tembelan International Airport.
    Added Airfield Config to Primary Run way of Selatan Military Airbase.
    Added some enclosed compounds to the Resort Airfield.
    Added some objects to the front of the resort hotel.
    Added some objects to the house compounds in Lapangan Futsal Industrial
    Tweaked Satmap and mask in various areas.
    Removed a few errant rocks and bushes that were on roadways.

    I tested my original index on the 1.2 update, and it still works flawlessly. Can we run with this index on the next ALiVE update?

  6. AFAIK no. Buildings being added will most likely impact the index from what I understand. This is why I personally have a rule that any map that’s getting regular updates isn’t worth the time indexing.

    That said, @highhead or @Tupolov would be in a much better position clarify.

  7. Edited 4 weeks ago by marceldev89

    Hmm not sure what is causing the issue but judging from the changelog it's probably fine. Airfield configs don't affect the index and the objects by the hotel and Lapangan Futsal Industrial are most likely clutter/not proper buildings.

    Ideally 1.2 gets a fresh index so if you're able to give it another try then please do (you can skip the building categorization thingy by following the last step at minus the bounds setting).

  8. Yeah but the “enclosed compounds” might be new buildings I’m thinking.

  9. Actually the object count in the indexer is the same as before. Will try one more time tonight. After that it will be a while as I will be on the road for a few weeks.


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