Complete Index of Chernarus Redux

  1. 5 years ago

    Normally I don't start threads for these, but it's been requested enough so I figured I'd make one and redirect everyone here.

    To use, download the zip file and extract the contents. Inside the chernarusredux folder, you will see a folder called x. Place this folder in your mission root folder (the same place where the mission.sqm is) and ALiVE will recognize the index automatically. This can be done for missions for the time being so you can have ALiVE/Chernarus compatibility, until it's included officially within ALiVE in the next update (which will mean you won't need to use the x folder in your missions anymore).

  2. Living up to the first part of your name Heroes!

  3. Ha thanks. Well the map author dude PM’d me saying the map was ready for indexing. I said when it was released forever ago that I’d do it once the buildings were finalized, so had assumed it was “done” when he reached out. Now he’s saying on Steam something about finishing Electro which sort of goes against our gentleman’s agreement. :(

    Not sure I have the mojo to reindex it to be honest (700 objects to manually categorize) so get it while it’s hot. It could be obsolete with their next map update.


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