How many troops is enough?

  1. last year

    My missions I am making are for me to teach my dad arma 3.
    What would be the ideal troop count for BLUFOR and OPFOR?
    I was doing BLU(Battalion 400) OP Civ- (Battalion 400) OP Mil (Battalion 400)
    and then blufor had 1 attack while the opfor OPCOM had 2 simultaneous attacks.

    However I can never seen to have a decent infantry fight, it all happens too fast/while im waiting around/assembling infantry.

    How exactly should I use the attacks to focus one town at a time?
    Should I spawn in forces and sync them to the Virtual AI to ensure the enemy has infantry in the city already?

  2. Also does anyone know a script, similar to warfare where when you recruit a vehicle, ai come with it?

    -Also anyone have a good addon that will have AI work with you better?(i just need them to walk around me without breaking after a while)

  3. Try lowering the Virtual AI speed to the lowest setting and see if that helps. 25% is the slowest speed.

    Regarding AI control, a lot of it comes down to practice getting used to all the number keys. I like to separate my AI into smaller teams (blue, red, green), so I can use more strategy in the field.

    Mad Cheese’s Command and Control mod is pretty cool too. I haven’t tried it with ALiVE yet but it’s neat. I don’t use a lot of the more advanced features of the C2 mod, but it helps getting AI to board a vehicle as driver and stuff like that, has decent healing commands, also has a pretty neat feature where you can tell your dudes to clear buildings. Be prepared to mess with it for a few hours before you feel comfortable with it and all the keybinds though. They have a Discord channel which has excellent support if you get hung up though.

  4. 11 months ago

    It really just depends on the size of the map and/or AO. Clearly you don't want a battalion sized element battling a battalion sized element on Utes or something like that. You'd also want to take into account objectives. A map with a lot of objectives that aren't filtered out means that the AI Commander needs to use more units to take/control those points. Filtering out some low priority objectives would lead to the AI Commander directing more units toward a fewer amount of objectives resulting in larger engagements at those objectives. For a big map like Altis, Battalion sized elements are probably good though.


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