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  1. 11 months ago

    Hi guys,

    First of all, wonderful mod. It's really opened up a whole new aspect to the game which I think should really be where Arma thrives. Have already made a couple of missions with only infantry and some ground vehicles and has worked great. However, I was going to try and incorporate some helicopter missions as well. Just wanted to understand how and if the enemy AI uses helicopters. They've spawned them in on helipads, but no matter what I or the opposing AI does they just sit there.
    Tank attacking troops or even the helicopter itself? just sits there and tries to fire it's gun from the ground. I've read other posts that armored units need to attack troops for them to call them in as support, but that doesn't seem to work either. Have even tried using the MACC, but it looks like helos aren't profiled or used, just jets.
    Anyway, I'm hoping to have helicopters run the occasional CAS or at least get up in the air when the helipad they're sitting on comes under attack.

    Thank in advance.

  2. The AI definitely uses helos. As long as you are profiling them correctly, the enemy AI commander will fly them on patrols across the battlefield.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I think they,re profiled fine as they show up as options for video feeds. If I only want helos operational should I use the MACC or does the regular AI Commander control them? Thanks.

  4. Virtualized manned helicopters will tend to only be sent out if the Commander recognizes a vehicle or armored threat. They usually won’t patrol with just infantry around so keep that in mind.

    Also debug the virtual profiles and make sure the helicopters are profiled/virtualized.

  5. Definitely virtualised in the debug and have sent in a large force of tanks and helos but they still don’t respond. All they do is fire off their turrets without taking off. Any other ideas?
    Have already disabled all other mods to just Alive and CBA3.

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    They’re spawning and immediately firing in place? That doesn’t make sense. Do you have video of this?

    Try this: Try placing some manned choppers then virtualizing them in the editor and see if those behave properly and report back.

  7. So what I’ve done is placed helos in the editor and synced them to virtual AI. They get virtualised per the debug view (ie. show up as e0and e1). I then send in tanks etc. via Zeus. All other virtualised units respond appropriately but the helos just sit there. If they happen to see enemies they’ll respond with the mini gun, but won’t ever take off.

  8. Are they manned with a pilot?

  9. In the editor I mean ^^^

  10. That doesn't sound like proper behavior. We just finished a conventional campaign on Altis last week and I can assure you that the Enemy sent a ton of Helos up for attacks and patrols.

  11. Yup definitely manned. They’re spawned in with pilots from the start. Not sure what the issue is :-/

  12. Can you post a video easily?

  13. Have never tried recording before TBH and wasn't able to get it unfortunately. Can try later if you think it will make a difference.

    I've since tried loading up VCOM as I read it will take over some of the helicopters for tasking and strangely enough the helos starting responding (made no changes on the scenario). However, after they finish their tasking though the just strangely all drift towards the lower left corner of the map. They don't get a RTB command and just sit there for the remainder of the mission.

  14. Not really sure what to say. At this point either:

    1. Make an ALiVE and CBA only mission (with no outside mods or scrips) and open a ticket on the Github or

    2. If you’re not sure there is a bug or not, post the ALiVE and CBA only mission here and I can at least run it and see if anything seems wonky or if something is setup wrong.

  15. Thanks for offering to help Heroes. Here's the mission I've been running.

    There are some OPFOR APCs that attack some BLUFOR units and 3 profiled BLUFOR helos (one that will eventually be attacked by the APCs, one that is setup with MACC, and one that is off the main runway). None actually lift off and one will shoot it's minigun without lifting off.

    If I take this same mission and run it with VOCOM the helos attack as they should, but once they finish their attack mission, they just drift slowly towards the lower left corner of the map.


  16. I’ll try to take a look-see in a couple hours.

    Regarding the VCOM thing, please keep in mind what you’re seeing is unintended behavior from an ALIVE compatibility perspective, which I’d borderline call a direct conflict with ALIVE. VCOM is not fixing anything here. In fact it’s likely breaking something.

    I’ll run it with just CBA and ALIVE and see if anything jumps out.

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    Hey so I opened the mission. Your enemy vehicles are (A) not virtualized and (B) there is no enemy commander and therefore no enemy objectives at all.

    This is not really advised. Gonna presume the problem here is ALiVE isn't aware there are any enemy vehicles on the map. Try remaking the mission with an enemy commander with at least an objective, and make sure if you manually place the enemy vehicles that they are virtualized.

  18. Thanks for looking it over. I initially had a full layout for both sides set to invasion with helos on both sides, but it took a long time for a skirmish to develop with APCs/tanks so I isolated it to a single side.
    Either way I'm still not getting a response from helos when both sides are virtualized and attack. Can send another test mission I made with that setup if it makes a difference.
    Just out of curiosity did the helos do anything for you on the mission I sent?
    Thanks again.

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    I didn’t check because it’s really not advised to expect OPCOM virtual profile controlled units to know anything about non-profiled editor placed units.

    Of course yes. If you make a more traditional ALIVE setup I will definitely look at and play test that.

    Do this: Place ALiVE Required and Virtual AI modules down.

    Then place an AI Commander and Objective Placement modules (civ and mil) for each side. In the Objective Placement modules, manually write a large-ish number in the motorized and armored overrides for each objective place module.

    Sync the Objective Placement modules for each side to their respective AI Commander modules, and also sync them again to the enemy AI Commander modules.

    Then manually place manned helicopters, virtualized, for each side.

    Start the mission and see if they every fly away. If not, send me that mission.

    Let’s not use MACC right now please. Not until we see if a basic setup is working.

  20. Hey Heroes,

    Here's the setup you suggested. Same deal. Helos just sit there and then occasionally fire their miniguns if something comes in range, but no take off.


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