Enemy vehicles in "stealth" default not moving or engaging at all

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    Hey guys. Playing a mission on Chernarus and have diligently spent a month tweaking it, but this one problem keeps happening.

    Vehicles are buggy in general, but I've found that often times I have to "nudge" the vehicles to get them to move, and am getting errors when attempting to tell the vehicle to move if it's set to "stealth" by default. Is there a way to disable enemy units from going into stealth mode altogether on the server-side?

    Mission is set to Insurgency so I'm guessing that might be one of the reasons they're "stealth" by default in many cases.

    I'm running a handful of mods but I feel like this is default behavior which I can (maybe) disable to make it so vehicles never go into "stealth" mode, and will appropriately respond to my players instead of sitting in a field not shooting.


  2. I’m not really following you here. What do you mean by putting units into stealth mode? Or them being in stealth mode by default?

    What’s stealth mode? The only stealth mode I’m aware of is when you have units in your player group (the F key teammate dudes), which is a group behavior you can set in the editor, or force/cancel in-game (F unit keys, 7 I believe). Is this what you’re talking about? About your friendly teammates in your group?

  3. Wait sorry you said enemy vehicles? I don’t understand. Can you please clarify?

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    Sorry Heroes for not being clear. Whenever I select the enemy "group" as Zeus, the enemies have default behavior modes set which can be manually changed.

    The options are: Careless, Safe, Aware, Combat, and Stealth.

    What I've noticed is that upon spawn-in from virtualization, many of the enemy vehicles are set to "stealth" mode for their group behavior, and thus won't move to do their set patrol routes.

    Does that help? I want to find a way to keep these vehicles from being in "stealth" mode, because despite having their engines off, my players keep popping them off with AT from a distance before they have a chance to engage, meaning the armor/mechanized threat in my missions is significantly hampered.

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  6. There might be another issue at hand entirely, but I believe this is something which is affecting the movement and making my armor/mechanized/motorized units seem more like static defenses than actual mobile forces.

  7. Yep that definitely helps. Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t know the answer on this myself and just requested backup in one of the dev channels. Weekends tend to be a bit slower so not sure if anyone is free to clarify this for you or not.

  8. Thank you! Further, I get this error when attempting to give a manual move order to a unit set to stealth.-image-

  9. Tupolov

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    Units that are controlled by an Asymmetric AI commander are initially set to Stealth mode.

  10. I guess what you're saying is that this is a feature -- not a bug. In which case I suppose there's not a whole lot I can do, and that's fine. The units will engage when players get close enough, but I wish they'd ride out to attack more and patrol the area a bit more. I suppose there's nothing that can really be changed to accomodate that, yeah?

  11. Tupolov

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    Asymmetric commanders use different tactics and will avoid direct confrontation where possible. Gonna blame this one on BIS AI. If you are in stealth and getting hit by AT... the AI isn't doing a great job of being stealthy or reacting to possible threats.

    Maybe change your commander back to normal?

  12. I've thought about it, but at this point we're deep into a campaign on this map with the whole point being an insurgency. Granted Chernarus isn't the best map for an insurgency but we'll make due. I've tweaked the AI a bit to add in more mechanized groups so I'm going to see if just increasing the volume will increase the chances we actually engage the armor I want the players to be facing -- that and some tactical zeusing.

    Thanks for your feedback.


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