Editing my factions after creation

  1. last year

    So, I have made dozens of factions successfully with ORBAT tool, really love it and have got it down without a problem now. The only issue I've run into is how to edit my factions after I've already created them, packed them into a PBO, etc.

    For example, if I want to go back and add additional units or groups, when I load up the game go into ORBAT tool, find my faction in the list > Edit and make changes and export it, overwrite and repack the PBO it errors out on trying to load the game. The only thing I can ever end up doing, is create a whole new faction from scratch and just replace the original. There has to be a better way of simply editing one of my existing factions right? It seems like when I do this though, it wants me to have an ADDITIONAL PBO for the edit, on top of the original pbo for the faction.

  2. I would imagine there should be a way, I'm hoping for an answer to this too because it seems like it would be a huge problem.

  3. I recently edited a faction to add african faces to an RHS un mod. You can edit that mod you already have then export the autogen and cfgpatches. Then just replace them in the PBO.

  4. 9 months ago

    as rebel said, just overwrite what you initially pasted in.


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