Reinforcement delivery vehicles not leaving area

  1. last year

    Hi all. I've noticed a recent issue (probably my fault in setup) with commander "called in" air units not leaving the AOR. The commander calls in reinforcements via helos, and then the helos either loiter till they run out of gas and crash, or just leave the immediate area, and then run out of gas and crash. What I end up with is this grave yard of helos all around my base. Many times they loiter over my base and end up destroying much of it when they crash. Its almost like it calls in reinforcements, then gets hung up on delivery.

    Is there a way to remove them other then going into Zeus and deleting them? Does deleting them with Zeus cause issues with ALiVE?

    Set up is vanilla (at least in mission) with two commanders, each with a mil and civ placement with 30 units each for a total of 120, and with mil logistics.


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    Is this totally vanilla, ALiVE and CBA only with no additional mods, and no additional scripts (including AI scripts)? So literally just ALiVE and CBA only?

  3. That was all that was in the mission. I had other mods loaded.. gonna unload all other mods and try again. I had the RHS mods loaded and CUP Maps, but not used in the mission.

  4. Ok yeah report back. If you still see it all vanilla post the mission.

    I’m wondering, if you teleport far away so the reinforcement choppers virtualize, do they go about their business as normal then?

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    ^ Actually, check that. If you see the issue vanilla, whether spawned or virtualized, open a ticket on our Github and put the mission and steps to take to see it there. Just be sure it’s vanilla.

    Just curious, are you fast forwarding time with the + key? That can break scripts.

  6. It did seem like they started moving once I left the base area. I was trying to let the battle progress overnight, so I hunkered down in my base, and when I got back on this morning, it was a grave yard. When I left the area and went to another area were OPFOR was, the helos seemed to move closer to the battle. might have been just due to inactivity, but the garbage collector still didn't clean it up. going to try it again completely vanilla. Thanks.

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    Yeah that does seem to be like a sucky issue. Please report back.

    Do you use the auto-pause feature where all profiles stop moving when no players are on the server? It Won’t fix the issue but should minimize it for now.

    A server save and exit and reload might clean things up too.


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