Only one AI Commander?

  1. last year

    Hey guys!
    I'm fairly new to Alive and I was thinking if anyone could help me. Googled, but couldn't find a wanted answer..

    So here is the situation:

    I'm making kind of campaign (or many missions at least) for me and two other friend using Alive. I don't want to my side, Blufor, spawn any groups or units.
    Is there a way to do that?

    If I don't place Blufor AI commander with objectives, I can't (off course) sync those objectives to Opfor commander. So, "he" doesn't know anything about Bluforces plans and won't do anything, or does he?

    Hope you guys understand what I'm after here..
    Thanks for now!


  2. So what you could do is have OPFOR Commander have 2 civ objectives and 2 mil objectives synced. The first set of objectives is set to the TAOR that you want the enemy units to spawn in. Then for the second set, you can make it objectives only and set it to the TAOR that you want the OPFOR to attack.

  3. Thank you @Seagull!

    That definetly sounds something I should test!


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