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    Hi, its been a few years since i last used this mod and some things have changed. But i am wondering if i have a mission already uploaded to the dedicated server, is is possible to go into the editor and add new playable units in without messing it all up and the mission starting all over again?
    So basically i want to edit a mission that is already running on the server but want to keep the persistence. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff too so it would be great if you could explain it in noob terms how to do it if its even possible lol.

    And one more thing, is it possible to blow up or get rid of a recruitment HQ? If so, does that stop enemies spawning in that area? We took over a town last night killed almost all the enemies and destroyed the weapons depot but then today the weapons depot is still gone, the recruitment HQ is still there (because we didnt know if we could blow it up or anything) but there are enemies all over that town again. So if it is possible to destroy the recruitment hq, will enemies stop spawning there?

    Sorry for the long winded questions, would be great if someone could help me out.


  2. Yes you can add playable units at any time without messing with the persistent state.

    Recruitment HQ’s, Weapons Depots and IED factories can be disabled by walking in them and using the on-screen hold space action to delete them (good way) or by destroying the building itself (bad way).

  3. Ok cool, thanks for the reply. So if i destroy the recruitment hq will no more enemy spawn in that area? (TAOR marker).

    And please could you explain how i edit the mission without it messing with the persistence?

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    It depends. If the enemies are all dead when you save (which you can verify with debugging Virtual AI, and also with activating showing all units within your vicinity...both of these options are in the ALiVE menu), and the CQB units (if you use that module) are completely cleared too, and the HQ’s are all removed, it should load exactly how it was when you saved.

    For what can and can’t be edited for loading a persistent save, it also depends. Lots and lots of variables are persistent and will override any changes you make. For example, enemy/friendly virtual profiles persist. So even if you change this in the editor after saving your progress, your new changes won’t be loaded with a persistent save.

    This is all assuming you have persistence set to yes everywhere that asks (tons of places).

    I’d say, as a rule of thumb, don’t expect any ALiVE module changes you make to stick when loading a persistent save. Other things that aren’t persistent, like player slots, or empty vehicles/decorations/etc you can safely change any time you want.

  5. Well thats pretty much what i wanted to do was add a couple more playable units into the mission. I got told something a while back about changing the file name or something? But im not sure and really dont want to mess this mission up.
    So i couldnt just edit the mission, delete it off the dedicated server and re upload the new mission? Would that work or not?

  6. Yes it should. The PBO name is what the saved data is attached to. So go ahead and take the mission off the server, add some more playable units, then put it back on the server with the same PBO name and everything should load fine.

  7. Oh ok thanks, so i dont change anything? Dont change any names of folders etc? Just simply edit the mission and re upload it?

  8. Correct.

  9. Thanks that worked brilliantly, one more question though. Do i have to have the AI Enabled when choosing the slots? My friend left the server half way through a mission and now he is stood out in the open because his "AI" body is still there. So if i disable AI when choosing slot will that stop that happening?

  10. I don’t COOP often so not totally sure, but I always disable AI when I play (I recruit them in-game with Spyder Addons if I need AI) so I’d say yeah try it.

  11. I mean go ahead and disable them either in your mission files or at the role selection screen ^

  12. To answer your question, when I do play coop, my buddy disables AI on his server, and when we log off there is no AI taking our place.

  13. Ok great i will try that then, just dont want his body being killed whilst he isnt on

  14. I do have one other thing actually. We moved some vehicles from the aircraft carrier over to an airport which we was goin to use as an FOB. However, when we came off the server and came back on, we was at the airport but all the vehicles wasnt. Not sure why, because if we move vehicles around on the aircraft carrier they do stay in the same place as where we left them. So is there a reason this could be happening?

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    Any vehicles placed in the mission will persist location, but only if a player physically hops in as driver, and then exits the vehicle. If this is not happening for you and they go back to where they were placed in the editor, I don’t really know why. One example of the wrong way to do it I can think of is, if you just tow a vehicle somewhere, that will not persist location. Someone, a human, has to get in as driver and exit for the location to persist.

  16. Yea, did some more testing last night. Moved vehicles about (by driving them) and came on just 10 minutes ago and they are back to where they was originally placed on the map. Also now for some reason, when I do the server save and exit the console appears but it doesn’t say saving etc anymore. Was working fine last night but now all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to be saving.

  17. Are you using local or cloud saving? LAN or dedicated server?

  18. I am using a dedicated server and using cloud. I did just change it to local and so far it all seems to be working fairly well, not sure if the local is set up 100% though, Is it just simply change it from cloud to local?

  19. Yeah might be worth trying and see if it works better for you. Can’t hurt I guess. It’s exactly that simple, just change the cloud setting to the local setting in the editor. Now instead of the War Room database storing all your persistent data, it will be saved to the server profile instead.

  20. Thanks, seems to be working OK for now at least. One very last thing i promise lol, everytime I log back in, it drops my bag on the floor. Is there anyway to stop this?

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