Just several questions about persistence editing

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  2. 5 years ago

    Are you using local or cloud saving? LAN or dedicated server?

  3. I am using a dedicated server and using cloud. I did just change it to local and so far it all seems to be working fairly well, not sure if the local is set up 100% though, Is it just simply change it from cloud to local?

  4. Yeah might be worth trying and see if it works better for you. Can’t hurt I guess. It’s exactly that simple, just change the cloud setting to the local setting in the editor. Now instead of the War Room database storing all your persistent data, it will be saved to the server profile instead.

  5. Thanks, seems to be working OK for now at least. One very last thing i promise lol, everytime I log back in, it drops my bag on the floor. Is there anyway to stop this?

  6. That’s a known issue with the bags being on the ground on mission load. You have another one on your back right?

  7. Yea, i have another on my back, just wasnt sure if it was me that had done something wrong or not. Is there no other way to save the server when your on it? Even when i changed it to local it had a problem with saving once it got stuck on the saving logistics. Its only happened once but when it happened i pressed escape and tried to server save and exit again and it didnt work, nothing happened. So i did server exit (admin) and it backed me out but when i re joined it hadnt saved.
    Like i said it only happened the once, but i worry it will happen again and if there is a way to somehow save it, it would be great to know.

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    Now that you’re using local saving, you could try this:

    1 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS

    In the debug console to force a save mid-session without exiting. Though if on dedicated server, I have no idea if it’ll work. If local exec doesn’t initiate a save for the code (you’ll see a message on screen), you could try server exec.

    If successful, then run the same code with -1 to stop the auto saving.

    It really should not be hanging though. What mods/scripts/etc are you using?

  9. I use all sorts of crap to be honest lol it probably doesnt help. But Ive just been on and tried to save and it hung again saving the logistics. I just left it about 5 minutes, pressed escape and just used the server exit (admin), backed out of the server and rejoined and it appears to have saved.
    So seems like it is saving but the text that runs down the console when saving stops when it gets to saving logistics.

  10. I’m not sure I can really help you on this, or anyone for that matter unless you try it with just ALiVE and CBA only. That shouldn’t be happening though. Server Exit in no way will initiate a saving of overall mission data though, and is a risky move if you want your data to actually save.

  11. No sorry I meant I do the server save and exit but it stops at saving logistics. So then i escape out of that and just exit by pressing server exit (admin only) but it must have already saved when i originally pressed server save and exit. Its like it is saving but its not actually telling me its saved or backing me out once it has saved. It doesnt do this all the time though, and its not really a big issue for me anyway as long as it does save.

  12. Yeah understood. Just saying this is not normal behavior. If you happen to see this occur in an ALiVE CBA only environment, feel free to post back and someone will take a look.

  13. Ok thanks for all the help anyway. Also, I have found when im playing in the server and someone disconnects or joins late our loadout switches back to what it originally was, if that makes sense? Is that a bug or have i done something wrong there?

  14. Who’s loadout switches? The guy joining or the players already on?

  15. The players already on. When someone joins the server everyones loadout kinda resets. For example, the loadout we start with is just some basic NVG's so we picked up some better ones that had thermal. Then someone joined late and the thermal NVG's disappeared and we had the ones we started with initially.

  16. Weird. I’ve never heard of a bug like this, though that said, as I stated before, I don’t COOP too much. These kind of bugs don’t tend to get any dev attention unless you’re trying an ALiVE and CBA only mission. In the event you do and it still happens feel free to report back.

  17. Ok thanks, well as i said, it is saving its just not telling me its saving thats all. But yea, thanks for everything and answering "a quick question" haha

  18. I can edit the title. One sec :)

  19. There we go. That’s better lol

  20. lol

  21. That loadout change is a JIP problem and its something you can fix with a simple sqf file for loadouts. Well its a little more than just simple but its pretty easy to fix.

    Also our community quit using the logistics module a while back because it crapped out our persistence no matter what we tried. Something changed a while back and we can not find out what the cause of it might be for our mission types as R3F Logistics just quit working with ALiVE no matter what we did and the same can be said for anything else we have tried.


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