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  1. 8 months ago

    Can somebody clue me in why I might want to set a placement module to ignore tiny or small objectives?

  2. If the AO area has tons and tons of buildings, and objectives count is too high, filtering out the tiniest ones can keep things in check (better performance, etc). That’s one example.

  3. How does that hit performance, in CPU or memory/storage? I'm looking to optimize my missions because I'm noticing performance issues.

  4. If you check your server rpt file just after the ALiVE initialization you'll see it lists how many objectives it's created for each side. It suggests keeping them under 80, but I've found 100 even 120 at a push will be fine.

    You used to get a chat warning if you were over 80 objectives and running in the editor, but that doesn't seem to happen anymore (for me at least)

  5. The 80 warning was needed back when Arma was 32-bit. The threshold is probably much higher now with 64-bit so internally we discussed and the higher ups agreed to remove the old chat message.

  6. Honestly I wouldn't mind if the chat message popped up everytime in the editor. Would help with balancing etc without having to dig into the rpt's.

    Do we have an idea on the thresholds now? I'm at 121 for OPFOR in my current mission, and I wouldn't mind pushing it a little more I want Napf crawling with Russian troops :P

  7. I remember we very causally agreed on 120 in a brief convo on it, but really the best number is anyone’s guess.

  8. A warning would be nice.

    I'm not running ALiVE as a server so I haven't noticed the RPT's. I'm just running it in singleplayer

    On some maps, the save files size increases if I do not filter the objectives. Altis in particular seems to generate alot of objectives. I actually made an Altis campgain that used half the map but the size of the save file was ridiculous (around 2 gigabytes), so I decided that was impractical. Singleplayer saving without filtering objectives works on a map like Stratis (or even the CUP Sahrani map), but on a larger and busier map I have decided that heavily filtering objectives and using a small AO is the way to go (and the files still seem large for some reason, vs. older/smaller maps).

    I've also noticed I can create distinctive "personalities" for factions by filtering out objectives, so different factions will occupy different kinds of objectives.

  9. Just FYI in the editor if you click file and then Open Log Folder it'll show you where the rpt's are. The game generates the same rpt files whether on a server or not. It's invaluable when building/testing.

  10. I seem to get multiple reports on objectives in the same log file, like it's running the same process over and over.


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