Server Save and Exit Hangs

  1. 3 weeks ago

    Hi all, having trouble with the manual Server Save and Exit feature with our current ALiVE.

    We are saving locally and everything is marked as persistent, however when we try to save and exit, the command tablet comes up as normal, but hangs on the first two lines. I've left it for around an hour and nothing changes. I eventually hit escape (to close the saving console) and ran a Server Exit. Despite this, when we next launched the mission, everything resumed as if the server save had been successful.

    Here's the server RPT with data debug enabled. Am I missing anything here? Just worried I have no way of seeing whether the server save has completed without the visual cue on-screen and forced exit.

    P.S. Any glaringly obvious errors you can see in the debug that I can fix would be appreciated as well! (I think there's one around Headless Client although our HC connects into its slot fine.)



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