Air Command Module AI barfs on placed runways

  1. 7 months ago

    Here's an edge case for you. Using Chernarus terrain from CUP. Added Air Command module to Balota airport. It spawns faction aircraft which take off correctly.

    Problem is Balota has a grass strip runway and wanted to make it look better so I placed runway assets which are snapped to terrain surface and disabled simulation on them so they're static. Now when Air Module spawns an aircraft, they board correctly and it starts to taxi as before but the AI barfs when it gets to an end of a runway asset section and freezes right at the edge of the asset.


  2. This is most likely a vanilla thing and not much we can do about I think. We mostly just give AI waypoints and that's it. We don't do any deeper AI control so that we don't conflict with the various AI mods around.

  3. Thought so, thanks. For the record, I tried placing nearly every type of runway asset with both terrain snap and sea level snap. No dice. I also tried pre-placed empty aircraft for the AI to use. They all get stuck at the end of a runway asset and stop taxiing. Interesting path finding on the AI crews running out to the aircraft too. There are bushes on the north edge of the airstrip and instead of running straight out to the aircraft, the AI will sign zig through the bushes.

  4. Arma AI in general is a frustrating mess. Piloting/flying AI is the worst of the worst if we exclude general tracked driving.


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