unsung compatibility? (SOLVED)

  1. 9 months ago

    Hi, I decided to make an unsung alive mission, but noticed a few issues. As far as i know, unsung doesn't support alive out of the box, so I've been using a compatibility faction patch from the BI forums, which I guess is badly out of date. All of the spawned armored vehicles are see-through and you can't get into their firing seats at all. This also affects aircraft, and infantry seems kinda wonky as well. I tried to make the units compatible myself through ORBAT creator (i've done this for quite a few incompatible factions before), but for some reason it doesn't work -- Alive still says unsung troops are incompatible.

    So my question is, has anyone managed to make unsung alive missions recently, and if so, do you use some kind of compatibility patch? Thanks.

  2. D'oh, this was mostly a case of user error, i'd made a typo and read the debug messages wrong. *facepalm* Alive actually supports most of UNSUNG (only VC troops, i.e. "UNSUNG_EV" fail to load for me), so no compatibility patch is necessary. I will see if I can use ORBAT creator to mod in the UNSUNG_EV faction later today. I still advise anyone not to use the unsung faction mods mentioned at the alive wiki, they're badly out of date and will most likely break your game somehow.

  3. Cool, post your factions after you get them to work with ORBAT, will ya?

  4. You can use Unsung_EV_TDO. Works fine for me with my Unsung Alive missions. The hardpart is setting up modules since most of the maps are poorly indexed or not indexed at all.

    I use Da Krong and Prei maps for Alive. I have a few decent Alive campaigns on those maps but I'm thinking about taking up the task for indexing them...or reindexing so we can get better civ population and mil compkex for VC/NVA military objectives for them to spawn reinforcements.

    Good day,

  5. ARVN forces weren't working for me either, so I'm working on getting that faction up and running during the coming week or so, and I will post them here as well when I'm satisfied with them. :) Concerning maps, I have only used Da Krong and Prei. There's a lot of nice maps in unsung, so it would be nice to get them working in ALIVe. I don't know anything about map indexing, but I think I might have a look at it too, because I have spare time. I use pretty much exclusively custom objectives for setting up my missions, because the civ/mil-modules don't seem to work right with unsung. It takes a bit more fiddling for sure.

  6. 8 months ago

    I'm still seeing issues with UNSUNG in ALIVE. Even creating a new faction and not using the comparability mod, many of the vehicle and helicopters are see through, and on most vehicles only one crew is present or the others ejected.


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