Best Mods to use with ALiVE

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    Based on a conversation yesterday about mods to include which compliment ALiVE, here's my current list. I'm making a persistent mission about the 6 months of unrest in Chernarus before DayZ: CDF vs. Chedaki vs. NAPA with UN, Russian and NATO peacekeepers trying to stabilize the whole mess (based on the ARMA2 campaign ending where it all goes to hell).

    Suggestions, recommendations, substitutions and criticisms wanted!

    ACD - Arma3 Containers And Decorations Steam
    ACD - Arma3 Containers And Decorations (CUP) Steam
    ALiVE Steam
    Ambient Birds for CUP Terrains Steam
    Arma 3 Animals Module - Extended Steam
    BloodLust Steam
    CBA_A3 Steam
    Chernarus Police Mod Steam
    Community Factions Project (CFP) Steam
    CUP Compositions Steam
    CUP Terrains - Core Steam
    CUP Terrains - Maps Steam
    CUP Units Steam
    CUP Vehicles Steam
    CUP Weapons Steam
    DS Houses Steam
    Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons Steam
    Enhanced Movement Steam
    Footstep Sound Fix - Forests Steam
    FS CUP Steam
    Goko ballistic Impact Steam
    improved Ammo A3 Steam
    improved Ammo A3 CUP Steam
    Improved Grenades Steam
    injured Ai Steam
    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Additional Weapon Handling and Reloading Sounds Steam
    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Dependency Fixes Steam
    Realistic Units Ragdoll Steam
    ShackTac User Interface Steam
    Survivable Crashes Steam
    task_force_radio Steam
    Vcom AI V3.0 Steam
    Zombies and Demons Steam

  2. Question: VCOM adds some ragdoll effects as well - but they look sometimes stupid like enemies make a wheel move ha. Is this Realistic Units Ragdoll Mod overriding VCOMs ragdoll effect?

  3. No idea but a good question. Maybe I'm doubling up for no reason.

  4. Suggest you look at the Tasu Force Radio Beta version instead of the standard one. It's a much easier installation for the add-on to TS3 and it adds functional items like a long range radio tower and better radio settings. Also works in CBA settings super easy without dropping in modules.


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