Wrong airplane doing wrong function

  1. last week
    Edited last week by AngusDLX

    Hello guys! I'm having a problem with manually placed A-10 doing the CAP function instead of other functions that are appropriate for it. Simply instead of the furtive F-18 take off, the A-10 is that it takes off and ends up being raped by the enemies. lol

    I've already changed the attributes of the right configs and did nothing. I'm using vanilla vehicles and factions.

  2. 6 days ago

    @AngusDLX I have found with MACC controlled aircraft that if you put in a vehicle respawn and place down empty vehicles with AI pilots then the appropriate actions will take place. MACC is not an automatic function to determine which aircraft is the correct one for the job in many cases.

  3. 4 days ago

    A-10's are fitted with air-to-air missiles by default, so the auto-selection script will deem them fit for that purpose.

  4. Thank you Spyder and Nichols, I'm going to use only the F-18s!


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