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    Great mod in terms of saving time, i'm enjoying the randomization (it's nice not knowing where all the enemies are and what you're facing exactly )

    My problem is, i've tried a few different variations / builds of a basic invasion / occupation setup on Chernarus... Nato / CUP_GB invading vs CUP_RU.

    For the most part i thought it was working fine... and i can respawn if i set the description.ext to 'BASE' and choose between my spawn points.

    After more extensive testing, either i am doing something wrong or something is not working correctly...

    i use the Group management part of the Player CommandControl module... and i tell some AI units to join my squad, now if i die... i basically get to spectate them.. I hear myself radio that i have respawned and tell my group my new 'bodies' location.. but i am stuck spectating the ai i have left behind in the field...
    I can 'fix' this by leaving back to the lobby and rejoining the player slot and they will no longer be assigned to my squad and i will be able to actually respawn.. But i'm doubful this is intended behaviour?

    Also, if i choose to join an already established group, and promote myself to leader - in my last test for some reason i was put in position '9' of the squad and several seconds later the AI was demoting me and doing their own thing.

    Last night when i tested this, i wasn't getting demoted.. i was however constantly getting assigned waypoints by the AI commander i assume (i could see the waypoints bouncing around me) and something about that just seemed 'off' - i knew in some way the ai commanders inability to actually control me was probably messing something up.

    I also realise i can use command/control to magically teleport myself to a group and gives myself a second body or something in that location but that sort of breaks the immersion for me so i turned it off...
    It's a fine feature, but I would prefer not to use that feature since i don't want to be magically teleported about...

    So since i'm assuming there must be a way to have respawn and the ability to control an AI squad...

    How am i -supposed- to be doing this?
    Or is alive just not really intended for this?

    Thanks for the mod and any light yall can shed

  2. What my unit has done in the past when using AI squads is the following:
    First, we use Spyder Add-ons to recruit the full squad, id we are forced to respond, we just leave that squad the recruit a new one.

    And we have always had the best luck with the multispawn in alive

    Oh, and if you're running an AI squad c2 is a must


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