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How It Works

ALiVE Multispawn significantly enhances the standard player respawn function to provide multiple respawn locations and options for a more immersive experience. Mission Editors can choose from a number of different respawn options such as mobile HQ's, group and faction level respawn locations.

Usage: Place the Multispawn module in the editor and optionally select one of the advanced respawn methods.

You need to place an appropriately names marker in the editor. Common practice is to place an empty marker named respawn_west but Multispawn will attempt to use the lowest level available respawn depending what markers it finds, with Group level being the lowest

  • Group (SetGroupID): it will look for a marker named ALiVE_SUP_MULTISPAWN_RESPAWNGROUP_%GROUPID%.
  • Faction: if no GroupID marker is available it will look for ALiVE_SUP_MULTISPAWN_RESPAWN_%FACTION% marker and provide a faction level respawn location.
  • Side: if neither group nor faction markers are available it will default to respawn_%SIDE% (same as the standard BIS method).

  • Note that you also need to include respawn=3 in your [description.ext] as per standard mission editing.

Immersive Respawn

In addition, Multispawn can provide immersive and varied respawn methods if selected in the options. These need to be set up as follow:

Spawn on Squad: vanilla style respawn on group

  1. Markername: None
  2. Fallback: If no other group member is alive it will fall back to the default respawn method of choice.

Insertion: Simulates constant air insertion for that faction.

  2. Fallback: defaults to standard respawn method as above.

Spawn in vehicle: Spawns players in a synced HQ vehicle of their faction.

  2. Synced Vehicle: altnernatively sync a vehicle of the same faction as the player to the module.
  3. Fallback: If no correctly named vehicle is alive it will fall back to default respawn method.

Spawn in building: Spawns players in a building of choice (faction level).

  2. Fallback: If no alive building is available near the markername it will fall back to default respawn method.