Alive OPCOM Waiting for virtual AI system

  1. 7 months ago
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    I just uploaded the new version of Alive to our dedicated server and I'm getting this error every second in the server rpt.!Apx8qxTMAgO3p0T-jCmrIY_nq2aw

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    Just discovered this same issue on our Milsim server as well.

    @Tupolov @Friznit @marceldev89 have you guys seen this happening? I can provide mission file and modlist if you need it. Until today the mission worked correctly and didn't have any game breaking issues with the ALiVE systems.

    Here is a link to our RPT file that I posted in the ALiVE Discord.

    Here is the mission file:

  3. @Nichols you solve it?

  4. I am not sure @Hova I have been out of town since Friday and haven't touched base with my server dudes. I did see a mention in our Discord chat about one of the modules being messed up but I think they still had to do something else or the server itself was messed up. I posted on the ALiVE Discord also. Recommend you post something in there as well. I did tag some of the dev team here so maybe they can comment here also.

    Just found the mention that one of our guys posted in our Discord..."Found it, the mil module was causing the issue."

  5. I'll take a look tomorrow if I can find some time. :)

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    This was fixed earlier today, it's not caused a specific module so please don't waste your time looking for one.

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