Base building while playing

  1. 6 months ago

    I am building a mission on Fallujah and am wanting the players to push forward into the middle of the map to create Patrol Bases and possibly even FOBs further into the city. I am wondering what kind of scripts i should use and if it is possible?

    an extension to this would be is it possible to create spawn points mid-game?

    Example, the team push into a compound that they wish to fortify. they then use a script to remove items from the back of a vehicle and then place them down. after this they place a flag which now acts as a spawn point ( or if spawning isnt possible a teleport).

    If there is any information on this i would be grateful


  2. You can use ALiVE logistics for this, just place down the player options module then enable it in-game via the ALiVE menu. Then you can drag and store objects in vehicles and they will persist between sessions.

  3. it sounds stupid but i literally cant get the alive menu to come up, ive had to go for R3F logisitcs

  4. @gsg94490 for the ALiVE menu issue, I’m assuming you’ve rebound it from the default key (app menu). We discuss solutions here:


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