ZEUS camera no longer spawning units

  1. 11 months ago

    Hey, I've been using ALiVE for a couple of years now, though one thing I really enjoy doing is setting up hypothetical battles and watching the battles play out. To do this in the past I would place the playable character as far from the action as possible so no units would be spawning in around him, then use Zeus to be able to freely move around the map and easily see units on both sides. This has always worked for me as the units spawn into existence around the zeus camera position as well as the player, though after launching the game for the first time in a while this no longer seems to be the case. Is this intended?

    Now when I move the zeus camera to areas with a lot of units none of them spawn in except the CQB module units. Is there some way to revert the behaviour to how it was before? I know I'm in a minority here in being someone who just enjoys sitting back and watching the battles, but it's what I have always used it for and I can't really think of why it would be changed.

    Is there a way to perhaps download an earlier iteration of ALiVE if there's no way to fix this in the current version?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Known issue. I believe there is a workaround somewhere but I can’t find the thread. @SpyderBlack723 ?

  3. Don't mean to be a pain but any update on this? Did a lot of searching and couldn't find the workaround. Thanks!

    Also just wanted to add that I'm encountering some of the same issues others have stated recently in terms of AI commanders being very passive. Sometimes they will move multiple units at once and sometimes they will move 1 or 2, then never bother moving any more again afterwards.

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    I was mistaken. Fairly certain the Zeus thingy is fixed internally:


    It will be included in the next release.

    Regarding the passive commander, I investigated one ticket but didn’t see any issues aside from some mistakes he made in the mission (including fast forwarding time with the + key in the editor which is a big no-no). Read here:


    That said if you feel there is an issue, and can see it in an ALiVE CBA only environment, feel free to open a ticket.

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