Edit sqm for local saves (SOLVED)

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  3. @marceldev89 not sure if you have any clue here

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  5. Explain what you mean please?

  6. I was asking someone else if they had any ideas.

  7. Well, @flopchop removed his question but you can only edit unbinarized (or whatever the option is called in the editor) mission.sqm files. If that is the case then you can change the persistence method by settings the "source" to "pns" inside the "alive_sys_data" class somewhere in the mission.sqm.

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    is that to localnamepace profile or something?

    Because I did that and came up with

    1. alive_sys_profile instance set to true

    2. alive_sys_mil_command instance set to true

    3. alive_fnc_analysis instance set to true

    Nothing saved or finished saving

  9. Yeah that should be it. The only place where the saving method is controlled is sys_data. The rest should pick this up automatically. Seems more like something isn't setup quite right.

  10. It's A 3CB Mission from there server. Wanted to play offline, but saves not working.

  11. Can you send me the mission.sqm?

  12. Here it is......... https://sharemods.com/x0v5cfkw6xu4/mission.sqm.html

    Murghab District (Phase 1).lythium

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    That file was still set to cloud saving. I've edited it and you can download it from https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcji2qxv1vg1o44/mission_pns.sqm?dl=1 . Make sure to rename the file back to mission.sqm. ^^

  14. Yes.... CouchDB. I changed it to local save and the errors I listed earlier came up to the left of the Tablet. Nothing finished saving.


  15. those aren't errors, just notifications. It appears to be working though. Maybe post your RPT file, might be something in there.

  16. Put your mission.sqm in and PBO'ed. tried it and when selecting server save and exit. Just came up with mission exit.

  17. is pns the profile name space setting for local saves?

  18. Ok weird! Must have been a mistake by myself. Seems to save ok now. Will have to enable markers ( as they are off ) and see if vics and placements etc all save properly.

    You my friend are a STAR!!!

    Thank you so much :)

  19. When you save, does it not save your soldiers postion and vics etc? Only markers saved and vics and soldier whent back to base?

  20. Player position persistence is optional, and off by default. If you want it on, I believe it’s in the player data module (if not there it’s in one of them, you’ll see it). Vehicle position only persists if a human enters the vehicle as driver and then exits the vehicle.

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