Basic Alive Module Question

  1. 7 months ago

    A question that I have in my mind every time I'm adjusting the modules, haven't really seen any definitive answer.

    I typically have two objective modules (CIV and MIL) that are set to place units. Then I have two CIV and MIL objective modules set to "Objectives Only", so the placed units move to the objectives set in the "Objectives Only" modules.

    Is this the correct method to have the "placed" units move to the objective only areas set with the "Objective Only" modules? Or is it that the "placed units" AI Commander will automatically set the objectives without having to add the two "Objective Only" set modules?

    Hope this question makes sense?

    Good day!

  2. When you say "objective only" do you mean Custom Objective Markers? As for the AI OPCOM it scans the map and based on the information you tell it to use it will assign units and place them at the various objectives it identifies from the indexing that was done on the map and will either attack or defend those areas based on what the opposing forces are doing.

  3. Thanks for the reply Nicholas.

    I'm referring to either Mil Objective module or Civ Objective modules, that are set to "objectives only", as opposed to "place units" (pulldown menu in module).

    Anyhow, I'm fairly certain I've got it setup correctly, as my placed units are moving towards the objects set per above. However, just making sure I'm not missing any crucial settings that would impact troop objectives later on in the campaign.

  4. You are using it correctly as per your example. They will move to occupy known objectives


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