Force Civ Spawning with JBAD

  1. 7 months ago

    Hello, I am running into the much-discussed issue of spawning civilians with JBAD buildings. I was wondering if it were possible to hard-code the spawns? I noticed that civ objectives are being picked up ok (debug on), just that no civilians are spawning. I am using Lythium as the map and would really like to know if this is at all possible. I found this post that creates civilian custom objectives:

    But I cannot seem to get any civilians to spawn. Is there maybe a way to spawn civs with vanilla/modded modules and then add the alive functionality? I am trying desperately to find the best way to make a full map insurgency on Lythium, any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Very cool map, but unfortunately, as I've recently read and experienced, does not function properly with Alive. In particular civ spawning is a big issue.

    I think it works with symmetric warfare just fine, with conventional forces, just not with asymmetric warfare.

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    Some form of manual work around would be nice, even something as (user) basic as an invisible alive marker that denotes a civilian spawn point, allowing mission makers to plant them where desired. This would have the added advantage of allowing Alive compatible user built "towns" in otherwise empty areas, or expansion of existing towns, placing buildings and such markers in the editor.

    As I understand it insurgency will already utilize editor placed structures as potential facilities, this would expand upon that as well as provide a workaround for maps/map assets that don't work well otherwise.

    *and yes, it's very easy to wish for things that others have to make work... extreme gratitude for everything Alive's makers have brought to the game! :-)

  4. Everytime there a Lythium thread I cry just a little more. It's arguably the best map for Arma 3 but it's also probably the most frustrating.

    It's not just ALiVE that struggles with it either. We often run variants of the BTC Hearts and Minds mission, and that suffers from similar spawning issues and dead zones.


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