ALIVE spawn Light Vehicles

  1. 2 weeks ago
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    I am on a mission and i want to use only cars. I dont want ALIVE to spawn armored or mechanised.
    I would like that "Rhs vdv" spawns only "GAZ 233014" vehicles, or only all vehicles in the "Rhs Vdv" car class. Not armour or mechanised. ( i set the military placements with custom objectives for motorized units only and it keeps spawning Btr´s (with value "0" on "armour" and "mechanised" in the placed module). Of all the availlable vehicles for "rhs vdv " - motorized, only other GAZ and Ural vehicles spawn and not the ones i would like to or with the frequency.
    I have the idea that BTR´s are not in the armoured class for ALIVE; would be Mechanised but it´s value "0".

    I have come across a situation where, if that "mod/class" (eg: RHs or CUP) does not have a specific category (e.g motorized) the game would look for the "next" or other available class and spawn.
    In this case, the faction in question (Rhs VdV) has what i want, that is a set of vehicles (cars) i would like to be spawned.

    My objective: Help to have only cars/light vehicles spawning., or help with custom blacklists.

  2. 18 hours ago

    Take a look here: )

    At the bottom there is a script snippet to blacklist unit types

    ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["unitType_1","unitType_2","unitType_3"];
    ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_VEHICLEBLACKLIST = ["vehicleType_1","vehicleType_2","vehicleType_3"];
    ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_GROUPBLACKLIST = ["groupType_1","groupType_2","groupType_3"];
  3. 16 hours ago

    Yeah blacklists will ler you stop things fron spawning, but as to what does spawn, it must be existing/mod defined groups.

    There are a few ways to define your own, either with a cfg groups in the desceiption.ext file, mod etc. If description.ext method works with RHS now, it would be the easiest. Sometime back it did not but may have changed. I made my own RHS clone factions with that method. Ill send or post an example if I have the chamce this weekend


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