Artillery Ammo Revamp

  1. 4 years ago

    Hello all,

    I'm working on better mod support for artillery assets in ALiVE and I'm looking for testers. If you're interested, you can download my fork and follow the discussion here .

    My fork is built on top of ALiVE pre-release build 1.8.1 and is standalone: disable your vanilla ALiVE when running my fork.

    I'll check the forums periodically so free feel to post here if you have any issues/feedback.

  2. Will take a look at this; it looks interesting.

  3. Posting this here and the github forum:
    Any chance of either updating this branch to the current version of Alive? I ran it a lot with RHS, IFA and Unsung without issue. I also tested it quite a bit with CUP & Pook's arty, again no issues, only added functionality from the units that won't work with regular Alive combat support. Now that Alive has progressed several versions since this release, using this requires forfeiting the fixes/features that have come out in the mean time.

    One other feature request (which is a default alive issue, but can't hurt to put here too) would it be possible to use the direction/facing of the module to set the guns? EG: Face module west, all 3 guns face west? This can be an issue for arty units that can't freely rotate 360 degrees, as by default one faces North, one East, on South. Ideally all 3 would face the same direction, those that can rotate 360deg can still fire in any direction, those that cannot could at least be placed such that they can cover a desired segment of the battlefield.

    Thanks again for getting this out, the units it "unlocks" were some I had tried repeatedly without success in the past.


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