Manually relocate OPCOM HQ

  1. 5 months ago

    Probably a stretch, but is there any way to manually relocate an OPCOM HQ/insertion point, particularly when set to static? What I hope to accomplish is, have a force begin at a central location simulating an airborne landing. They would begin at a limited number of central objectives, be it marker defined or custom placed. reinforcements/replacements could arrive at a static HQ location in that central location for a bit, then have subsequent forces spawn at a static HQ along the map edge, to simulate ground forces that are advancing to secure what the initial airborne force grabbed. With the code Marcel provided I can alter the force structure from only infantry to include armor, mech etc when the spawn point swaps, if it can somehow be swapped. :)

    I can envision a few less than ideal workarounds, having the HQ start there to begin with meaning only manually spawned reinforcements in the airhead would be possible, or having the follow on force be a different force/commander, so the forces don't really cooperate, more performance overhead from an additional commander/force, and having to make a mod of the force to the other side (red + green instead of just redfor) etc.

  2. Never see a reason to do it that way but we have moved the modules manually to simulate the same thing you have asked about in a mission and then either uploaded a new named mission or just used the same name. I don't think you can link it to move on it's own with anything else. BUT then again I have never tried it either. @HeroesandvillainsOS might have a different look at it as another ALiVE mission maker.

  3. I’m sure it’s possible to script it, but I don’t script so I’m really not your guy here. Definitely an interesting idea, I just personally have no knowledge of how you’d accomplish this myself.


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