Warroom AAR (after action report) no map background

  1. 4 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    I think I may be having a bug with the AAR system. Whenever I spectate any past action, I don't see any map background and so on, and instead just has a solid blue background (see here: . If I understand correctly it should resemble this ?

    Thanks in advance. The test mission was on Tanoa, and the previous operation was on Kunduz, with both not having a map background.

  2. @Tupolov

  3. Edited 4 years ago by Nichols

    I have seen the map but no action being recorded since the change to the new host platform; all settings are done correctly in the modules to allow replay.

    Currently this is what shows up for our current mission .

    I have posted in the ALiVE GitHub today about this same issue.

  4. Edited 4 years ago by marceldev89

    We're in the process of migrating some stuff to a different server so it should come back at some point.


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