Military Logistics replacements not moving to waypoints

  1. 5 months ago

    Hello everyone. I have created an UNSUNG Vietnam ALiVE mission using a custom faction through the ORBAT creator. I have made sure to configure it correctly, and everything seems to be working flawlessly, except when the OPCOM requests replacements for objectives or attacking enemy units. I turned on profiles debug and saw that while new profiles have been spawned for replacement and they have a waypoint to the AO, they do not move, as if stuck. I have waited and nothing happens. Meanwhile we take objectives with moderate resistance but no reinforcement. We are running VCOM AI, but throughout making many ALiVE missions, I've never ran into this. We're on the map CSJ_SEA, which seems to be working fine for placement modules. Any ideas?

  2. Unless someone just so happens to see this using a similar modset, I doubt this topic will get much traction. Does this only happen on this specific map? Can you reproduce with ALiVE and CBA only on a vanilla map?

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    I'll attempt to. Seems like the error that wants to pop up everytime OPCOM requests replacements is: ALiVE SYS PROFILE Warning: ALIVE_fnc_waypointsToProfileWaypoints has wrong inputs! Never seen this before. Any idea on what might spring this? I've noticed that if I save the mission and load it back up, about 3 or 4 units will then be asked to reinforce the objective/area and actually come. But after that, it stops working.

  4. I haven’t seen it but yeah something is clearly wrong, at least with your mission. This is why we need to figure out what’s causing it. Best way is to try vanilla and go from there.

  5. It seems that you have configured the Logistics modul not correct. Logistics Modul just send out the troops if they have air or land vehicles defined for the faction. Which configuration you set in the module?

    Static or dynamic?
    If you set static where you place the logistics module?
    We place the module near to the airbase which is covert with an own taor marker and a military placement module which is create air assets and ground troops.

    In this config on chernarus ai is reinforced with choppers from the airbase.


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