Virtual AI Module on non-indexed map not persisting

  1. 5 months ago

    Hi folks,

    just wanted to share a piece of wisdom I gathered recently when trying to build a RAVAGE mission on the ATTOW non-indexed masterwork of mapmaking, Rosche.

    First things first: I didn't have the intention to build a full ALIVE campaign of army vs. army or army vs. insurgents. Although I recall that a few versions back it was possible to get this running to some extent by placing custom objectives, I doubt this is working anymore.

    But be that as it may, all I wanted was to make certain groups of editor placed AI groups persistent (i.e their losses/combat effectiveness) for storytelling needs in my mission which uses local saving. I did so by setting the VAI Module to "only virtualize synched units".

    On an indexed map, this works perfectly with vanilla or mod units in SP or on the dedi server, but on a non-indexed map, even vanilla units don't persist - after loading the save on either SP or MP dedi, the groups were complete and in the same state as originally placed in editor.

    IDK if this is important enough to justify a more thorough investigation by the Devs, but I hope to save other mission makers some headache by sharing this caveat you have to keep in mind when building missions on non-indexed maps.

    Best Regards to all & Happy New Year!


  2. Not sure what the intended outcome is for persistence or general functionality on non-indexed maps, but recently, something “mysterious” happened in the last few months or so where non-indexed map simply won’t work with ALiVE anymore (with custom objectives).

    This used to work from what I gather. Now from what I have heard (I have not tested) it does not.

    Whatever caused this may be what’s causing your issue here. I realize this doesn’t help you. I’m more or less saying something changed recently (which I don’t think was intentional).

  3. I can verify what heroes says. I tried using custom objectives on a PMC map for a small test mission, and Alive choked and crashed on the non indexed map.


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