Missing objects?

  1. 8 months ago

    I apologize if this is answered, but I think I may be searching all of the terms except the correct term.

    When using an asymmetric OPCOM and having the player side opcom assign a task, many of the objectives end up being empty.

    What I mean by this is, if it gives the players an objective to kill/capture an HVT, they arrive and see the encampment and objects for the composition and such...

    If it gives an objective to disable an ied factory or a recruiting center, the building is literally empty upon arrival. I would have thought there would be ambient objects like tables and such spawn as well. Am I missing something or are things like that dependent on a zeus placing them?

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    Can you list which tasks specifically aren’t working as you’d expect, along with all the ways each particular task is broken?

    This could be useful in the event someone on our team wants to fix these.

  3. Sure

    Assassinate HVT: Intermittently no actual HVT target spawns in the designated area leaving the task incomplete. (Note, I'm still investigating this one as intermittently it does work as desired).

    Sabotage Location (IED Factory, recruitment center, etc): No ambient objects spawned in task location. Blowing up building always (as intended) resolves the task.

    Transport Insertion/Pickup: Cannot get AI to board aircraft or disembark. This isn't really an issue as we mainly focus on infantry operations and can blacklist this task.

  4. Regarding the insurgency objects, it’s my understanding that this task specifically doesn’t spawn the normal HQ objects. Looks like this one is at least working as intended.


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