Blacklisting a vehicle in asymmetric mode.

  1. 2 months ago

    Hello all, I am trying to blacklist a certain vehicle, a BM-21 in this case from spawning, whatsoever. I am able to block it from military spawn, and so far seems like that is working, however, they are still being pulled and used for roadblocks. I looked through the wiki and did some quick googling to no avail. Is there anything I am missing to just completely blacklist a class altogether? Thanks.

  2. Hmm. This might be possible but it might need to be scripted. Since I don’t script I’ll send out some pings:

    @marceldev89 @SpyderBlack723 ?

  3. marceldev89

    Apr 12 Moderator

    Doesn't seem like it's possible at the moment. If you can open up an issue for this at so that it's tracked then we'll pick it up sometime. :)

  4. marceldev89

    Apr 12 Moderator

    Never mind, fixed for next release. :)


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