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  1. 4 years ago
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    Does changing groups still cause issues with the Alive War Room Battle feed and stats? I used to run a group call SORD, but now I am setting up Alive for a new group called VALR.

    I will be using the LocalDB option, however I want the players stats to upload to the War Room and be seen in the battle-feed. I can't get it to work atm and the only thing I can think of is that my username/a3id is linked to another group in the DB.

    My profile is

    When I load in to my test mission, it comes up with the Welcome screen at the top right but doesn't say my name. Just says welcome.

  2. @Tupolov @marceldev89

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    I'll take a look tomorrow. Leaving groups has always been a little spotty I believe.

    Of you're on discord, hit me up, it's a bit easier to troubleshoot these things in realtime.

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    DM sent to you on discord. I am TPM on discord as well.

  5. Just in case:

    [3:15 PM] marceldev89: I've changed the group your profile is associated with
    [3:16 PM] marceldev89: it should report the events properly now
    [3:19 PM] marceldev89: if I did things right ^^


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